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Habit Based Lifestyle

Mar 23, 2022

Derek Snow runs No Dog Left Behind, a dog training business based out of Canada.  He’s been in the business for 15 years and found himself stuck in his own self imposed limitations.  He was working 80-90 hours a week to bring in $10-12k a month.  Something he used to be passionate about was now causing him burnout.  He decided to take a leap and join the Habit Based Lifestyle program a year and a half ago.  He credits Jesse and his team with helping him to get out of his own way.  He’s since seen his progress fast tracked to the tune of up to $60k a month.  He’s been able to take his business online, hire employees, and add a dog trainer coaching aspect.  Derek encourages anyone that’s on the fence to dive in and see where the Habit Based Lifestyle program can take them. 


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