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Habit Based Lifestyle

Mar 30, 2022

Do you struggle with sticking to your habits?  Do you know the number one reason why people don’t stick to their habits?  First, let's look at the ABC method of implementing a habit.  A is for anchor, which is something you already do consistently every day.  Say you already have a consistent workout habit, that’s your anchor.  B is for behavior, that’s the new habit you want to implement.  Let's say you want to get in the habit of praying every day, anchor that to your workout habit.  As soon as you’re done working out, take some time to pray.  Finally, C is for celebration, the one-step people tend to forget and the one that keeps most of us from sticking with our new habit.  Celebrating can be as simple as clapping for yourself.  When you have positive emotions around your new habit, your mind shifts and the habit sticks.




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