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Habit Based Lifestyle

Jul 11, 2022

Stephen Grooms opened his chiropractic office just a month before Covid hit. It resulted in a rough start for him, and he thought it was never going to get off the ground. Stephen’s friends and family stepped up, and through word of mouth, Stephen was able to start bringing in some business.  However, he knew to live a comfortable life, he needed more clients, which meant he needed to start marketing to a broader network. Not knowing where to start, Stephen started to get bombarded by offers from various coaches to help him.  He decided to sign up with the Habit Based Lifestyle because Jesse seemed the most authentic.  Having only been in a month, Stephen is thrilled with the results he’s seen, with a 20% increase in patient flow in just the first week. He’s now looking at reaching his 1-year goal in just 3 months.


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