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Habit Based Lifestyle

Mar 21, 2022

Dr. CJ Benkert spent 20 years as a chiropractor before she got burnt out and wanted to try something new.  Dr. Benkert sold her practice and went full time into nutrition coaching.  Opening 3 clinics where she offered a 12-month transformation program, she found a balanced and fulfilled life.  She knew for a while that she wanted more of an online practice, and really felt the pull when COVID hit.  Dr. Benkert thought she would just hop on Facebook and everything would fall into place.  She ended up feeling like she was giving a lot, but didn’t have a strategy.  Joining the Habit Based Lifestyle program, Dr. Benkert gained more than just marketing strategies.  She says she gained a sense of relief and freedom.  Streamlining from 3 clinics down to 1, Dr. Benkert says she’s actually more successful than ever before, with her business booming online.  



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