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Habit Based Lifestyle

May 10, 2021

Today we’re talking to one of Jesse’s clients, Troy D., a chiropractic coach that helps others to build their business and lifestyle.  He became so focused on helping his clients he started to forget to help himself.  Prior to the training, Troy says he couldn’t even say he was struggling because he wasn’t even trying.  He sampled a lot of other programs but nothing stuck because it wasn’t resonating with him. He needed a system that would help him to produce the results he wanted.  When Troy entered Jesse’s group he felt like he had joined a family.  While he ultimately got the marketing training he needed, he says he got so much more.  Leaning into the program and listening to what others were doing really inspired Troy.  His new motto is ‘trust the process, do the work’ and he encourages others to commit and go.


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