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Habit Based Lifestyle

Feb 8, 2021

Today Jesse interviews Krista Moreland, who is 30 days into the Habit Based Lifestyle Accelerator. As the owner of KMore Macro, Krista is a macros coach for women, helping them to lose weight without the guilt and shame. Krista loves what she does, but she had hit a wall. Turning to various coaches, they all wanted her to change herself and do more. Krista was doing everything and then some, leaving her feeling burnt out and nowhere closer to her goals. That’s when she found Habit Based Lifestyle Accelerator, which she credits with reconnecting her to her business. Unlike other coaches, Jesse encouraged Krista to be authentic and to do less. Krista says her power word for 2021 became simplicity. She started to get back to the simple basics, like human connection, and her business was revitalized. Krista is so grateful for the community Jesse has created and would recommend it to anyone.


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