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Habit Based Lifestyle

Apr 25, 2022

Dr. Jeff Koepfler has been in the chiropractic industry for 17 years, recently introducing a nutrition aspect to his practice.  He’s tried all kinds of marketing tactics, experiencing ups and downs over the years.  His biggest struggle was with consistent, quality leads.  Eight months ago, he stumbled across the Habit Based Lifestyle and decided to give it a go.  He was surprised how easy the process has been, and even more surprised by the results that have come from it.  With the step-by-step help Jesse and his team have provided, Dr. Koepfler has had his best month ever. Beyond that, he’s been able to take time off and have business run smoothly. Trending to hit his first ever 6-figure month, Dr. Koepfler is beyond pleased with the results he’s gotten with the Habit Based Lifestyle program. 




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