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Habit Based Lifestyle

Mar 25, 2022

Today Jesse has a very special guest, his baby girl, Jocelyn.  At six and a half years old, Jocelyn’s favorite part of her day was getting a visit from a leprechaun that left behind some chocolate gold coins for her.  As another St. Patrick’s Day treat, she was given marshmallows to eat at school.  When it’s not a holiday, Jocelyn still has a pretty exciting life.  She’s on a soccer team and says she enjoys kicking the ball and having snacks afterwards.  When she’s not busy on the field, she enjoys trips to Panera, playing Tiger Cats at the park, and making peanut butter cookies with her dad.  Even more exciting, though, is an upcoming road trip to Palm Springs.  Even their dog, Cali, will be along for the ride.  


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