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Habit Based Lifestyle

Sep 22, 2021

Caleb sits down with Steven Vincent, owner of Total Health and Wellness Center.  Steven can’t wait to talk about the results he’s had since joining the Habit Based Lifestyle.  As a chiropractor, Steven saw a lot of patients with chronic pain due to being overweight.  Wanting to truly help his patients, he developed a weight loss program.  The program took off running and helped many people.  A few years in and experiencing burnout, Steven’s passion for the program declined.  When his business started to dwindle in 2019 he stopped all marketing for his once booming weight loss program.  For the next two years he consistently made $40-50k a month with a goal in mind of $83k.  A month after he implemented the Habit Based Lifestyle system, he hit that goal.  He says the system is simple to follow and has made his work easier.


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