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Habit Based Lifestyle

Aug 27, 2021

On today’s show Jesse has one of his clients from the Habit Based Lifestyle program.  Joey Kramer has been in the program about a year and has seen massive improvements in his business and life.  As an upper cervical chiropractor Joey says he empowers clients to make holistic and natural decisions about their health.  Before joining the program Joey was stressed and had lost almost all hope.  He had tried his hand at Facebook ads and was only gaining low-level clients.  He was at a point where he was looking for a transformation.  He needed guidance to better understand how to communicate and how to leverage social media to attract more ideal clients.  One of the biggest shifts he’s seen with the program was with the value in himself.  Not only does he feel more aligned with his purpose, but he’s also seen a 58% increase in sales this year.


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