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Habit Based Lifestyle

Mar 29, 2021

Today Jesse is joined by Steve Adams, creator of Tiger Performance Institute and Dr. Matthew McNamee, a naturopathic doctor with Tiger Medical Institute.  Steve started Tiger Performance Institute after he was officially diagnosed with burnout in 2017, causing him to sell his company and take a year off.  He spent that year diving deep into how he got where he was.  He knew other high achieving professionals like himself were at risk for the same burnout, and he wanted to know how to circumvent that.  He decided to start a company that could give people like him the tools that he never had.  As a naturopath, Dr. McNamee aims to help clients to figure out the root cause of their health shortcomings, being proactive with their health to extend their peak performance.  The two promise to take you from burnout, distraction, and stress to prosperity with precision, preventative medicine.


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