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Habit Based Lifestyle

Mar 22, 2021

Having suffered 4 concussions in high school and numerous car accidents as an adult, Joey Kramer was experiencing insomnia and numbness in his hands.  Joey was overjoyed when he finally found a specialist that could help.  Joey wanted to make that his chiropractic specialty ever since but found himself operating out of fear and scarcity.  Despite being in numerous coaching programs, Joey was only exhausted and not one step closer to an answer.  Over-extended and low on confidence, Joey entered Jesse’s program.  By day thirty he had developed the real confidence he needed to step into his specialty and by day sixty he’d gone from $15k months to $50k months.  Joey always knew where he wanted to go; he just needed help finding the path to get there. Joey says personal coaching made all the difference and that’s what you get with Jesse.


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