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Habit Based Lifestyle

Mar 19, 2021

From a burnt out business owner, ready to call it quits on her dream, Krista decided to give Jesse’s program thirty days. She’d worked with other coaches in the past that all seemed to want her to be more like them as a coach, than to be more like herself.  Even though she found herself paying custom prices, what she was getting was anything but.  That’s what was missing, a custom experience, and that’s what she found with Jesse.  He looked at her business for what it is and at her for who she is, and then forged a path that could take her higher.  By having Jesse show up for her like that in her life, she knew that’s what she had to offer others.  A custom experience and simplicity.  Krista shares how Jesse’s process has changed her life and business, to the tune of $116K in 64 days.


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