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Habit Based Lifestyle

Feb 10, 2021

Have you ever found yourself saying that you want to be better? Whether it’s a better businessman, marketer, father, or husband, there’s always room for improvement. Saying you want to be better is one thing, but does your schedule reflect that? Your schedule will reveal your priorities. Do you want to be better physically? Where and when is that scheduled into your day? Are you at the gym five days a week? Maybe you want to be a better husband. Have you scheduled opportunities to better your marriage? Perhaps a weekly date night. If you say you’re too busy, then it’s not a priority, and you don’t really want it. Your schedule will reveal your priorities. Set a time every week, every day. Prepare to succeed. Commitment without preparation will not fulfill your goals. For more encouragement from like-minded people, consider joining the Habit Based Lifestyle secret Facebook group.


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