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Habit Based Lifestyle

Jan 15, 2021

Jesse & Caleb welcome you to the Habit Based Lifestyle and Business show, formerly known as Coach's Corner. Why did the name change? Because we don't believe in waiting for perfection before launching, and you shouldn't either. That's what today's show is all about. 

What in your business are you waiting to take action on because you're afraid or it's not perfect? Don't wait! Launching will leverage your ability to get things done faster. As the name change shows, things aren't set in stone, you're going to evolve, but you have to start first.

Once you start, you can begin focusing on business and mindset habits that will help you to grow and perfect your craft. Jesse shares his three main habits of focus that will directly impact your bottom line: leads, sales, and content. Those three areas will provide you with plenty of growth, which means change, and change is good.


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