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Habit Based Lifestyle

Feb 17, 2020

“Prayer doesn't change God, but it changes him who prays”. In this episode of the Habit-Based Lifestyle podcast, Jesse has on a special guest Brett Thomas. Brett is a health and lifestyle professional and sales specialist and more, and he is here to talk about the habit of prayer. Do you sometimes forget to sit down and pray? During a busy day, have you ever thought that praying can wait? The sad reality of life nowadays is that many forget to stop and say a prayer before anything else. Whether people admit it or not, being able to talk to God and the Holy Spirit first thing in the morning somehow makes everything more bearable, convenient, and secure. The power that praying has is indescribable in so many ways. There is no other way to improve yourself and your relationship with everything around you except through divine intervention and prayers. Being able to admit that you can't do everything alone is what strengthens you.
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