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Habit Based Lifestyle

Feb 5, 2024

In this episode of the Habit Based Lifestyle podcast, Jesse Ewell interviews Nick Ponomarenko, a chiropractor and the creator of the Texas Weight Loss System. They talk about Nick's shift from chiropractic care to weight loss to meet his patients' needs, his start with radio marketing, and the substantial business growth after using social media marketing strategies suggested by Jesse. Nick stresses the importance of accountability and the effectiveness of his program, inviting listeners to give it a try. They highlight the transformative power of habit-based lifestyles and the potential of social media in expanding health-related businesses.

"The most surprising thing to me is that I didn't even know I could have been doing this all along." - Nick Ponomarenko


What you will learn:

  • Marketing strategies and results

  • Transition to social media marketing 

  • Comparison with traditional marketing

  • Reaching Out for Business Advice

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