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Habit Based Lifestyle

Jun 21, 2021

Clayton Brassfield is a marriage/relationship coach that has had great success with Habit Based Lifestyle training.  He’s new to coaching and despite his passion he’d had a tough time finding clients.  He tried to get things going on his own for 2-3 months and when he got nowhere he found a coaching program to join.  The program started out good, but there was a lot of info and no path.  Clayton wasn’t seeing any results with his current program when he found HBL.  He was hesitant to try another program that seemed to be making all the same promises.  With the support of his wife, Clayton decided to go for it.  He’s been amazed by the amount of support he’s received from the whole community at HBL and has seen his confidence soar.  Clayton describes Jesse as very straight-forward and realistic, and says all the coaches are readily available.


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